Digital Payments, a new payment option in the Expense Requests System (ERS), is a secure and efficient way to reimburse visitors for their travel expenses. Launched on June 21 as the first phase of the Alternative Payments Solution project, Digital Payments was developed to simplify and enhance the visitor reimbursement process for visitors, departments, and FMS.

Preparers can use the Digital Payments form to reimburse visitors for up to $1,000 of domestic, non-tax reportable travel expenses. After a request is approved, it is routed to JPMorgan Chase Bank for payment through Zelle or Automated Clearing House (ACH) bank transfer.

Digital Payments may be used instead of the Visitor Reimbursement form to reimburse visitors for appropriate travel expenses such as:

  • Airfare and lodging for a human subject participating in research
  • Airfare and a car rental for a student being recruited by Stanford
  • Lodging and meals for a visiting professor giving a presentation at Stanford

What’s different about Digital Payments

After a Digital Payments request is submitted for approval, an automated verification system checks the visitor’s contact information for completeness before routing for approval and payment. When a request passes this verification, it is routed for approval then sent to JPMorgan Chase Bank for secure and efficient payment. Funds are almost immediately available to visitors who are in the Zelle network; otherwise, visitors receive the funds via ACH. Digital Payments does not require the extra step of visitor/payee setup in Stanford's Supplier Payee and Request tool.

Both preparers and approvers must carefully review each transaction to ensure the information is accurate. Preparers must check a box to attest that the required receipts are attached and the information they have provided complies with Stanford Business and Travel Expense policies. Approvers must carefully review and verify the information on the form and attest that the information is correct.

How to start using Digital Payments

To learn more about Digital Payments, including what qualifies for this payment option, visit the Digital Payments topic overview or review the resources, change readiness toolkit, and frequently asked questions on the Alternative Payments Solution project page. For questions about Digital Payments, submit a support request.

To gain access to Digital Payments, a sub-module in ERS, users must complete the 30-minute STARS course FIN-0505: Digital Payments and any required prerequisite courses. After completing the course, users are granted authority to use Digital Payments and the form becomes visible in ERS.

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