The new Fingate website launched the afternoon of August 31, 2020 with virtually no system downtime during the transition from the old to new site. On day one more than 2,000 users checked out the new site, collectively viewing over 10,000 pages of content. Since the launch, the site has averaged 1,400 users and 5,000 page views per day.

Throughout the 20-month redesign and implementation process, the Fingate team prioritized improving the user experience. To gather feedback and test the new design, the team conducted five user studies with 60 participants in 17 business units across campus. In addition to modernizing the site, redesign goals focused on improving navigation and search capability. Now that the site is launched, monitoring user experience and responding to feedback is a top priority.

Financial Support Center Specialists are keeping track of all support requests  with Fingate-specific issues or feedback. The new site also lets users provide feedback by clicking the link “Report an error with content on this page” at the bottom of every page. Forty-five support requests and  issues were reported from September 1 through October 30, on  topics such as requests for help using the new site, broken links, IE browser issues, missing or incorrect content, keyword search results and new content requests. The Fingate team  responds to user feedback within 48 hours and encourages users to keep the feedback coming.

We have defined a robust set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and success metrics that include ongoing methods of monitoring and reporting site usage and user feedback in order to drive continuous improvements.

The new homepage features a clean, modern look with information organized into easy-to-understand activities and topics that help users see the big picture of finance at Stanford. Users have commented that the new site is “significantly better than the old site” and “very organized,” with “much easier” navigation.

The most notable features include:

  • Easy-to-understand topic overviews with quick access to related content like policy, how tos, resources, reporting and more
  • Improved search page including auto-completion of search terms and the ability to filter by activity or content type
  • High visibility of news including the latest announcements, newsletters, and recent Fingate updates
  • Access to pages you most recently viewed

Since the launch, several  enhancements have been released as highlighted below.

Description Image or Link
Added Main Menu to breadcrumb
Main menu with breadcrumbs to submenus
Ability to search content or news
Search box with option for Content or News
Expanded view of Buy & Pay Guide

Updated Calendar page

Added link to the Learning Center on home page
Button on home page that links to the Learning Center

New Learning Path Generator (LPG) now available from the Learning Center

Learning Path Generator screen showing options for Tasks, Systems, or Courses

The Learning Path Generator is a custom tool that enables employees or managers to generate a learning path by selecting from a list of job-related activities and tasks, financial systems, or courses.

The Learning Path includes a recommended sequence of courses and related systems access and authority.

The tool lets you email the learning path web link to yourself or others for future reference.

Tell us about your experience using the new Fingate website by responding to a brief survey. We will compare feedback from your experience using the new site with benchmark feedback gathered before the redesign to measure improvement and identify opportunities to improve your experience with Fingate.

The survey will remain open through January 8, 2021. Please share this survey with other Fingate users and encourage them to respond.

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