The OBI Expense Request Efficacy Dashboard, available from the Expense Requests and SU Card Activity Dashboard, has been significantly redesigned to produce more useful information, including graphics for data visualization. Business unit managers can more effectively monitor the accuracy rate and cycle time of their unit’s expense request processing. Refer to the Expense Request Efficacy User Guide for an overview of the improvements. The dashboard offers several improved capabilities:

  • Summarized approval/rejection counts and rates by organization and where in the approval process it was rejected (local approval or audit). 

  • Reasons for rejection are displayed by frequency for an organization and can be displayed by preparer, payee or approver to facilitate targeted training.

  • Metrics for expense request processing time by organization is displayed for average submission, approval and total processing times. Some reports include trend line charts for better visualization of performance over time.

  • Ability to view paid expense request transactions by dollar amount range. 

  • Escalated expense request count for your organization by approval status.

This information is displayed both graphically and in tabular form that can be drilled down to the subset of expense requests and further drilled to the specific expense request for deeper investigation. Below is a screenshot of how the dashboard displays. 

Expense Request Efficacy Dashboard
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