As announced, the Office of the Treasurer (OOT) initiative to redirect internal questions and requests from its legacy shared email boxes to Stanford Services and Support portal (powered by ServiceNow) is complete. After August 31, 2021 these email boxes will be sunsetted.  (Updated 7/22/21)

Why this improvement is being made: 

Departments across Stanford use the Stanford Services and Support portal to provide employees with a one-stop shop for support. This transition will help OOT to provide its clients with faster support, minimize email clutter, have the ability to track requests, and improve internal metrics reporting to inform improvements to services.

Leveraging the support structure and relationship already in place between the Financial Support Center and OOT, it was a natural next step to adopt the platform and incorporate its efficient ticketing system for OOT’s support and reporting needs.

Benefits of the change include:

  • Automation of OOT Cash Management work processes
  • Reduction in average time to complete requests
  • Transparency into the phases of the request process, track progress, monitor past and current tickets
  • Metrics, consistent management reporting and analysis
  • Enables tiered support partnership with the Financial Support Center
  • Standardization of processes across the University

What will change and when:

The new forms are available for you to use today! You can tour the updated Banking and Cash Management portal at Stanford Services and Support.

On August 31, 2021, these mailboxes will be deactivated and submitting a support request will be required.


Stanford Services & Support Form Transition Matrix

  Get Assistance with
Cash Management
Bank Account Change Mobile Deposit Access  Claim Missing and/or
Unidentified Funds N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A


Shortcuts to Banking and Cash Management Support:

Best Practices in using Support Requests

How will I know my request has been received? 

You will receive a confirmation email with the service ticket number and link. Additionally, you will have the ability to track and post updates to the ticket in the same portal in which you created the ticket. 

Can I still attach documentation to my request? 

Yes, every form has a paperclip icon at the bottom that allows for attachments to be added.

May I enter high-risk data in my ticket?

Many interactions with OOT Cash Management involve the use of bank account numbers which are included in the Information Security Office's definition of high risk data. In each ticket, please mask (only type the last 4 digits) the referenced bank account.  Within attachments, you may include high risk data. If neither of those options is satisfactory, please make a note in creating the ticket that high risk data needs to be provided and someone from OOT will provide instructions on how best to proceed.

Where can I learn more about service requests? 

Explore this UIT Stanford Services and Support video series.

Stay tuned to this article for continued updates and understanding of the new Stanford Services and Support process for OOT Cash Management activities.  

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