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Recording Transactions Between Stanford University and Hospitals

To record financial transactions between Stanford University (SU) and Stanford Health Care (SHC) or Lucile Packard Children's Hospital (LPCH), use the intercompany journals created in the system: iJournals.

There are two situations in which SU will record transactions using an intercompany iJournal:

  1. Department within the university has provided goods or services to SHC or LPCH. This generates intercompany revenue to the university. The department needs to record the intercompany revenue via iJournals using an intercompany revenue object code. These codes all begin with 42XXX. 
  2. University is a recipient of goods or services provided by SHC or LPCH. This generates an intercompany expense charged to the department's PTA. This is done using an intercompany iJournal. The department records the expense using an intercompany expenditure code. These codes all begin with 59XXX.

The following PTAs must be used for intercompany journals:

  • SHC: 1095535-Task-ATZAA
  • LPCH: 1095535-Task-ATZAB

The task depends on the type of transactions charged to the hospital. To see a list of intercompany revenue object codes and expenditure types and corresponding tasks, refer to Valid Intercompany PTAE Combinations.

Last Updated: Aug 23, 2022


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