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FIN-0355: OBI - Consolidated Expenditure Reporting Dashboard

This course is recommended for OBI report users responsible for reviewing and analyzing expenditure data consolidated from all financial systems. 

This course provides instruction for running dashboard reports to view your consolidated expenditures. Through a combination of lecture and demonstration, you'll be able to:

  • Access the CER dashboard
  • Identify CER dashboard tabs and reporting data
  • Run and modify default reports
  • Answer common business questions related to Consolidated Expenditures

Web (Self-paced)

Self-paced (approximately 30 minutes)

Prior to enrolling in this course, complete prerequisite courses in the learning path below.

FIN-0340: Introduction to OBI Financial Reporting

OBI Financial Reporting
Enterprise Reporting > Financial Reporting > Report Viewer

FIN-0355: OBI - Consolidated Expenditure Reporting Dashboard

Last Updated: Sep 28, 2022


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