Stanford staff with responsibility for managing funds and forecasting expenditures

Participants of this online course will learn CMS capabilities, basic navigation, ways experienced users rely on CMS for forecasting and reporting , and next steps to getting access to CMS.

Course topics include:

  • The value of CMS as a forecasting tool
  • The source and frequency of data that is included in CMS
  • Specific CMS terminology
  • CMS interface and basic navigation
  • Forecasting and reporting tasks you can perform in CMS
  • How to setup your PTAs using Favorites and Nicknames
  • How CMS forecast data is integrated into the Faculty Financial Inquiry Tool
  • Next steps – training and access

Web (Self-paced)

Self-paced (approximately 40 minutes)

Prior to enrolling in this course, complete prerequisite courses in the learning path below.

FIN-0180: Introduction to the Commitment Management System (CMS)

"How To" Instructions for common CMS tasks


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