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Request a Fund Transfer

When it becomes appropriate and necessary to move fund balances, Stanford staff submit an email request to their school or department fund accountant with the required information to process the request.

Request a Fund Transfer

Verify the following:

  • Funds are available to cover the transfer.
  • Fund types are appropriate to accomplish the transfer.
  • Fund authorization of the source fund supports both the intentional use of the funds and the fund authorization of the destination fund.

  1. Identify Project-Fund-Object-Organization (PFOO) account for the debit and credit side of the transaction

  1. Ensure that funds are compatible, considering:
    • Similarity of usage restrictions
    • Issues surrounding donor reporting
    • Similarity in processing of such things as burdening and interest
    • University policies regarding combinations of various fund types. Refer to Administrative Guide Policy 3.1.2: University Funds

  1. Compose email request to include:
    • PFOO account for both the debit and credit side of the transaction
    • Amount of fund transfer
    • Justification for the transfer. This should consider the compatibility of both the source and destination funds.
  2. Send the email request to your specific school or department fund accountant. Refer to Resource: Contacts for Non-Sponsored Funding by School/Department.
    A limited number of transactions can be included in the email text. For large volume transactions, refer to How to: Upload a Bulk Fund Transfer in iJournals.
  3. Save or print the request.
What Happens Next?
  • Requests are reviewed upon receipt. Requesters will be contacted if clarification or additional information is required.
  • Requests are processed throughout the month.
  • Requesters receive a copy of the journal for their records.
  • Transfer posted to the PFOO is verified using the OBI Revenue and Fund Management Dashboard>Transfer Detail Report

For information about OBI, refer to Learn About: OBI Financial Reporting

Last Updated: Aug 6, 2020


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