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Find Force Cleared Advance Transactions

To find advance transactions that have been force cleared, use the Advances - Force Cleared report from OBI Dashboard: Expense Requests and SU Card Activity (ERR).

Find Force Cleared Advance Transactions

  1. Enter in the browser
  2. As prompted, log in using SUNet ID and password

  1. Navigate to the Dashboards menu located in the toolbar
  2. Select the Expense Requests and SU Card Activity  dashboard from the dropdown list
  3. Click the Advances - Force Cleared link in the home tab
Find Force Cleared Advances


  1. To retrieve results, follow the Selection Criteria instructions near the top of the screen.  Refer to Using Selection Criteria for OBI Reports for more guidance.
  2. Enter the first and last GL Period Name range that encompasses the desired force clear cycle(s). 
  3. Enter other selection criteria that match the force clear transaction(s), e.g. task org long name, supplier name, or PTA.

The report will return and subtotal  any matching force cleared advance transaction (ADV######FC) plus all associated transactions such as the original advance (ADV#######), the force clear fee, any expense requests clearing the original advance, and any returns of unused money (ADV#######RUM). This will include transactions outside the GL Period range selected as long as they are associated with the force clear transaction. Supplier Name is the name of the person receiving the advance.

Selection Criteria for Force Cleared Advances


Determine the Force Clear Amount

  1. Review AP Invoice Descriptive Text - Related force cleared transactions will be grouped together and end with a subtotal on a line that is blank except for the total amount of the original advance plus the force clear fee.
    1. Find the Transaction number that has been Force Cleared (ends with “FC”) in the AP Invoice Number Field. Other AP Invoice Numbers in the same group will show the Expense Request transaction numbers of the original advance, the force clear, and any clearing expense requests or returns of unused funds (ends with RUM). 

Most force cleared advances cannot be created in the Expense Request system so the ADV######FC number cannot be viewed in ERS Search. It is created as an offsetting AP Invoice transaction with the same transaction number as the advance but appended with “FC”. The invoice reverses the amount remaining on 11540 - Advance and charges the same amount using 52415 - Domestic Travel Unalw to the AP Default PTA.

  1. Review the Expenditure Long Name Field for Expenditure Type 11540 - ADVANCE
  2. Identify the force clear amount in the Advance Force Clear Sweep row. Fields to the right are the related PTA and amount that was force cleared. 11540 -  ADVANCE amount is the amount force cleared (negative amount).  
    1. The actual amount force cleared is defined by the negative amount on expenditure type 11540 - Advance on the force clear transaction itself. The original advance amount plus the $35 clearing fee will be visible.
  3. Review the PTA where the force cleared amount was charged Is the AP Default PTA acceptable to receive these charges? If not, use iJournal to move to a different account. 
Force Clear Advances Report 2
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Last Updated: Mar 19, 2024


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