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Stanford Travel Optional Services: Lyft Business

Stanford travelers are permitted (but not required) to use Lyft for ground transportation. Department administrators who want to manage rides for Stanford travelers or visitors can set up Lyft Business accounts.

Departments may use Lyft for:

  • Business travel direct billing
  • Campus visitor transportation
  • Event transportation

To learn more about Lyft, visit the Riding with Lyft help page.

Stanford administrators can select from a variety of Lyft programs, which include:

  • Lyft Pass: An automated way to move your people.
    • Fully or partially cover the cost of rides for eligible riders with a custom Lyft Pass program.
    • Add date, time, location, and ride type restrictions.
    • Share Pass with riders via text, email, or Lyft promo code.
    • Potential use case: Campus visitor transportation.
  • Auto Pay: Allows faculty and staff to directly bill rides to a corporate account.
    • Simplify expense reimbursements.
    • A simple way for faculty and staff to separate business related rides from personal rides.
    • Potential use cases: Faculty and staff business travel; offers perks on Hilton Honors and Delta SkyMiles loyalty programs.
  • Concierge: Web-based portal for booking trips on a rider’s behalf.
    • Enables you to request rides for people who don't have the Lyft app.
    • A user-friendly booking interface compatible with any internet-enabled device.
    • Potential use case: Dispatch rides for campus visitors. 
  • Master Service Agreement coverage includes Stanford's Terms and Conditions

For additional information or to enroll your department in a Lyft Program, please contact edu-ride-programs@lyft.com. The Stanford x Lyft partnership team will reach out to grant you access to create and manage your programs and send you instructions on how to login and get these set up.

  • Monthly billing – Monthly statements are paid by the Stanford Travel Card (TCard).

    The monthly Lyft statement must be uploaded with the transaction in the Expense Requests system.

  • Pay per ride – (Auto Pay only) The TCard or personal card is charged at completion of each ride.
Last Updated: Oct 20, 2023


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