This page gives instructions on how to view Travel Card history.

The Travel Card (TCard) Transaction History screen can be used to search for specific TCard transactions, including outstanding transactions and those that have already been included in an expense report. Search results can be exported as a spreadsheet file or can be printed.

Use the following steps to search for specific TCard transactions as a TCard verifier. 

  1. Enter in the browser
  2. Click Login
  3. As prompted, log in using SUNet ID and password
  1. Select SU Expense Requests
  1. Select Travel Card Transactions tab
  2. Select Transaction History sub-tab
    • If there are multiple TCards available, choose the appropriate card from Transactions for Account drop-down menu
    • Transactions display in order of Age, oldest to most recent
  3. Select the desired Transaction Category as leaving the field blank will search for all categories (either a date range or a Maximum Transaction Age must be entered to be able to search)
    • Business
    • Disputed
    • Historical
    • Outstanding
    • Personal
    • Resolved Disputes
  4. Enter a Posted Date Start. This is the earliest transaction posted date that will be included in the search. 
  5. Enter Posted End Date (optional). This is the latest transaction posted date that will be included in the search. This field defaults to today's date.     
    Posted Date Start and Posted Date End define a Posted Date range for the search.
  6. Enter Maximum Transaction Age in days (this field is optional if Posted Date Start is entered)
  7. Select Go. Transactions that meet the search criteria will be displayed.     
    A Posted Date Start or Maximum Transaction Age must be entered.
  1. Select a column heading with an arrow to sort the list (select the column heading again to reverse the sort view):
    • Posted Date
    • Transaction ID
    • Transaction Description
    • Transaction Category
    • Transaction Amount
    • Billed Amount
    • Business Amount
    • Personal Amount
    • Expense End Date
    • Preparer Notes
  2. Select Details for any transaction to see additional Details provided by the merchant (if any). Select Hide to close Details.
  3. Select Export to save the list of outstanding TCard charges as a Microsoft Excel or .csv file. Select the Save file option.
  4. Select Printable Page to open a webpage formatted for printing. Use the browser print function to print the page.


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