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Use Expenditure Type Mapping Tool

The Expenditure Type Mapping tool can be used to determine what Expenditure Type codes are available for use in the Expense Requests system. 

Use Expenditure Type Mapping Tool

Expenditure Type Mapping for Expense Requests is available only from the Expense Requests home page. The tool is a spreadsheet of Transaction Types, Categories, Expense Types and Expenditure Types. Search and filter the spreadsheet to find the mapping of Expenditure Types to Expense Types for all the Transaction Types and Categories in the Expense Requests system.

Use this tool to find the answers to questions like the following:

  • Where is a specific Expenditure Type available in the Expense Requests system?
  • What Expenditure Types are available for a specific Expense Type?
  • What Expense Types and Expenditure Types are available for a specific Transaction Type and Category?

The Expenditure Type Mapping tool is for information only. It is not used to select or request Expenditure Types. Contact the Financial Support Center (FSC) to request the addition of an Expenditure Type currently not in the Expense Request system.

  1. Enter in the browser
  2. Click Login
  3. As prompted, log in using SUNet ID and password

  1. Select SU Expense Requests

  1. Select Expenditure Type Mapping under Resources on the left side of the home page     
    The Expenditure Type Mapping tool displays in a separate browser window or tab.

When the tool is first opened, all Expenditure Type mappings are displayed with a row for each unique Transaction Type, Category, Expense Type and Expenditure Type combination. The mappings can be searched, filtered and sorted to reveal the specific mapping(s) that can be found.

Search Mappings

Use the search bar to search for and display rows that match search criteria.

  1. To search all columns, enter search criteria in the blank field (e.g., Expenditure Type code) and select Go
  2. To change the number of rows displayed on a single screen, select from the Rows drop-down menu
  3. Select Actions for the following:
    • Select Columns: Choose columns to display or not to display in the report
    • Filter: Enter selection criteria to filter results
    • Rows: Like the option in the Search Bar to define the number of Rows displayed
    • Format: Define the format of the report by these selections:
      • Sort
      • Control Break
      • Highlight
      • Compute
      • Aggregate
      • Chart
      • Group By
    • Flashback: A flashback query allows viewing the data as it existed at a previous point in time: "As of (blank) minutes ago"
    • Save Report: Save (and name) the report (public or private) on this page with a selected name
    • Reset: Restore report to the default settings
    • Help: Opens a new screen with Interactive Report Help
    • Download: Choose the report download format: Email, XLS, PDF and download report
Filter and Sort Mappings
  1. Select a column head
  2. Select the item (such as Advance) from that column to be included, and only that type of transaction will display
  3. Select the arrows to sort the column either ascending or descending

Below are specific steps for some example uses of the tool.

Scenario: Where is Expenditure Type 52240 (Employee Morale) available in the Expense Requests system?
  1. Select the magnifying glass in the search bar
  2. Select to search the Expenditure Type column
  3. Enter the Expenditure Type code to search for (52240)
  4. Select Go

Search results display a row for each Transaction Type, Category and Expense Type combination where the Expenditure Type is available.

Scenario: What Expenditure Types are available for the "Conference Registration" Expense Type? 
  1. Select the Expense Type column head
  2. Select Conference Registration

Scenario: What Expense Types and Expenditure Types are available for a Non-PO Payment for Honoraria?
  1. Filter for Non-PO Payment     
    1. Select the Transaction column head
    2. Select Non-PO Payment
  2. Search results are filtered to display all the Categories, Expense Types and Expenditure Types for Non-PO Payment transactions. Add Filter for Honoraria.     
    1. Select the Category column head in the same Scenario as above with Non-PO Payment selected as the Transaction
    2. Select Honoraria

    Results are filtered to show all Expense Types and Expenditure Types available for a Non-PO Payment transaction for Honoraria.

    Each added filter combines with the previous filter unless the previous filter is removed. Deselect the filter by unchecking the box to the left of the filter icon or by canceling that filter by selecting "X" to the right of the Filter Title displayed under the search field. 

Last Updated: Sep 13, 2022


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