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Register and Accept a Digital Payment

These instructions are for Stanford visitors who qualify for a Digital Payment to reimburse their Stanford-related travel expenses. They describe how to register for and accept a Digital Payment.

Digital Payments are used to reimburse domestic travel expenses for visitors' travel expenses quickly and efficiently. These reimbursements are routed through J. P. Morgan Chase Bank on behalf of Stanford using Zelle, a secure nationwide digital payment network governed by U.S. banking regulations, or paid via an Automated Clearing House (ACH) bank transfer (direct deposit).

How to Register and Accept a Digital Payment

Stanford will notify a visitor/payee via email when a Digital Payment is approved and sent to J.P. Morgan Chase Bank for payment.  When the payment is available, J.P. Morgan will send the visitor/payee an email on behalf of Stanford with instructions on how to register with J.P. Morgan, accept the payment amount, select a payment method (direct deposit or Zelle), and accept the payment. 

This page provides step-by-step guidance and screenshots to walk visitor/payees through the J.P. Morgan registration and payment process after they receive the email notification from J.P. Morgan.

To be reimbursed via Zelle, visitor/payees should ensure that their Zelle account is enrolled with both their mobile phone number and the email address that they provided to Stanford.

Visitor/payees must accept the payment within 14 calendar days of receiving the email.  The payment will expire after 14 days.

The visitor/payee will receive email notification from J.P. Morgan (on behalf of Stanford) when a payment is approved and available

  1. Review email to confirm the payment amount 
Register & Accept Fig. 1 NEW

  1. From the email, select Register & Accept Payment to open the J.P. Morgan dashboard.


Register & Accept Fig. 2

Enter the required information:

  1. Provide name and email address

The email address entered will be used as the login name

  1. Select the Country (United States) from the dropdown list  
  2. Enter Mobile Phone number
  3. Follow the instructions to Create a Secure Password 
  4. Select Agree & Complete Registration
Register & Accept Fig. 3 NEW Combo

  1. Select the radio button to text a verification code to the mobile phone number
  2. Select Send Verification Code
  3. Enter the Verification Code
  4. Select Verify


Register & Accept Fig. 4
Register & Accept Fig. 5


  1. Review the payment amount and select Accept Payment
  2. Select the Continue button to select a method of payment
Register & Accept Fig. 6


Register & Accept Fig. 7

  1. Select either New US Bank Account or New Zelle Account
  2. Enter Email address or Mobile Number
  3. Check the Save for Future Payments box to save your profile
  4. Click Continue


Register & Accept Fig. 8


Register & Accept Fig. 9

  1. Confirm the Method of Payment selected (Bank Account or Zelle Account)
    • To change the Method of Payment, select the Edit button to go back to Step 6
  2. Select Submit to save the account (Payment confirmation will display)
    •  For ZELLE Payment:
Register & Accept Fig. 10
Register & Accept Fig. 13


  • For US Bank Account Payment
Register & Accept Fig. 11
Register & Accept Fig. 12


  1. Select My Wallet at the top of the page
  2. Select the Auto Pay tab 
  3. Choose option, Select An Account
  4. Choose Select 

A Success banner will appear upon successful Auto Pay enrollment

Register & Accept Fig. 14
Register & Accept Fig. 15


Register & Accept Fig. 16 LARGER
What Happens Next?

After registering and accepting payment, the visitor/payee will be paid within 1-3 business days. 

If the visitor/payee enrolled in Auto Pay, they do not need to register with J.P. Morgan for future Digital Payments from Stanford. If the payee does not enroll in Auto Pay, they will need to  accept all future Digital Payments. 

Visitor/payees must accept the payment within 14 calendar days of receiving the email.  The payment will expire after 14 days.

Last Updated: Jan 19, 2024


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