Lodging booked directly with a hotel or travel agency, not associated with Stanford Travel, is subject to verification against Stanford Travel's negotiated rates. Refer to Policy: Lodging for more information.

The proof-of-lowest-rate documentation is most often in the form of a screenshot of Stanford Travel’s online booking tool results taken the same day of booking. If the attached screenshot date is post-travel, the Business Expense team will calculate an online comparison at the time of processing, and will pay based on the lesser of their own comparison or that provided by the traveler.

A SUNet ID and password is required.

  1. Go to stanfordtravel.stanford.edu 
  2. Enter your SUNet ID and password
  1. Select Hotels
  2. Select the traveler's Profile
  3. Enter the travel business locations
  4. Select dates that match the business travel need
  5. Select Search Hotels
  1. Make sure the date and time on your computer desktop are shown in the screenshot
    You can also hover over the time on your computer the moment when you capture the computer screen.
  2. Take a screenshot of the displayed results with the date the screenshot was captured
  3. Save the screenshot and attach it to the expense report in the Expense Requests System


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