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Capture and Assign Receipts Using eReceipts

This page provides step-by-step instructions for capturing images of business and travel-related receipts and assigning them to a transaction preparer for electronic upload to transactions recorded in the Expense Requests and PCard systems. For transaction preparers, see How to: Attach eReceipts to Expense Requests/PCard Transactions and How to: View and Manage eReceipts.

Capture and Assign Receipts Using eReceipts

  • Learn about eReceipts mobile app, process and procedures on Fingate.
  • Download Stanford Mobile from the Apple App Store or on Google Play to access the eReceipts app. For more information, visit the University IT Stanford Mobile webpage. 
    • eReceipts is available as an application within Stanford Mobile. To make eReceipts visible, be sure to update the Stanford Mobile app on your device to the latest version (10.6.6).
  • It is recommended that after purchases are complete or travel has been completed, assign all related receipts for the same transaction to the preparer of the Expense Report (including TCard) or PCard transaction. 
  • As a reminder, this application does not replace paper receipt retention requirements that may be in place for your department. In general, it is recommended keeping hard copy receipts until payment for the expense has been completed. 

  1. Launch Stanford Mobile from your mobile device
  2. Under Today/Home selection, Scroll to the bottom and locate the For Students or For Faculty and Staff section
  3. Click eReceipts 


Mobile Device App

eReceipts Tile

 eReceipts Mobile Device Home Page


  1. Click Add +(icon at top left of page)
  2. Enter Expense Event / Reason *

Enter a brief description to easily identify to the transaction preparer, the purpose of the business/travel expense (Suggested text: Chicago Mtg - dinner 2/25 or Oslo Conference - hotel 3/12, pg. 1)

  1. Select Upload Related Receipts by clicking Choose File
    • Click Browse to select files from your mobile device
    • Access Photo Library to select a photo of a receipt on your mobile device
    • Click Take Photo to take a photo of the receipt with your mobile device

Multiple photos can not be taken and uploaded at one time using Take Photo Option. However, if the photos are already in your Photo Library, select multiple receipt images at a time while using the Photo Library option You can upload multiple receipts at one time providing they are associated with the same transaction type (e.g., expense report or PCard transaction) and share the same Event/Reason.

An attachment for Expense Requests and PCard Transactions must be a legible copy of the entire receipt and clearly show:
- All text,
- Receipt Date,
- Location (when available),
- Vendor/Business Name and
- Entire Receipt (Additional screenshots may be needed to include all of a lengthy receipt.
   Use the Event/Reason  to capture the reason and add pg. 1, pg. 2, etc. to clarify.)

  1. For How did you pay?, select TCard/Personal Funds or PCard *

Only those eReceipts categorized as PCard will be available to attach in PCard and only  TCard/Personal Funds will be available in Expense Reports.

  1. Enter Expense Type (select all that apply) *
  1. Share receipt(s) with 
    • Leave blank to assign to yourself as the preparer or to assign to a preparer later 
    • Share receipts now by entering the SUNET of the SU person or enter Last Name, First Name 
  2. Enter Receipt Date when goods/services were received

When uploading multiple receipts, enter one date

  1. Enter the names of Additional Beneficiaries (if you paid for others) for preparer/verifier
  2. Enter Comments for Preparers (if applicable)
  3. Click Submit

A message in the top right will appear, “Receipts Added Successfully!!” 


What Happens Next?

Use the eReceipts mobile app or the Oracle based eReceipts option to view uploads, reassign to others, and monitor transaction processing.

Example of Pending: Me queue:

Pending:  Me

Unassigned receipts are located in Pending: Me. Saved receipts under Pending: Me may remain for up to 180 days and pending, uploaded receipts may be deleted until they have been processed. 

  1. Select View on the left to see the image 
  2. Select Detail on the right to see specifics
    Options under Detail
    1. Return - to go back to Pending: Me 
    2. Edit - you may edit Paid by, Expense Type, Receipt Date and Comments for Preparers
    3. Reassign - if not assigned to someone, Share Receipt With an SU Person and add Comments for Preparers
    4. Delete - will delete the receipt and move it to the Deleted Column
    5. History - shows the Action date, Action, Shared with (if available), Action by

Pending: Others

If a receipt was assigned to someone, the receipt(s) will appear here until processed by the preparer in an Expense Request or PCard transaction. Options are the same as Pending: Me. Users can Reassign to another SU Person and add Preparer Notes.

The assignee may only use Unassign and/or add Preparer Notes


Receipts that have been added by the preparer to an Expense Report or PCard transaction will appear here.  Click Detail to view the transaction number from Expense Requests or PCard (i.e., ER1662898 or 4889930).

  1. Select View on the left to see the image 
  2. Select Detail on the right to see the specifics about what steps were taken
    Options under Detail
    1. Return - to go back to Processed
    2. History - shows the Action date, Action, Shared with (if available), Action by


Any receipts deleted by the uploader will appear here. 



Last Updated: Aug 17, 2023


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