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Add a Traveler in Egencia (For Travel Arrangers)

An arranger can log into Egencia and add the Traveler via the "Arrange and Approve" section under profile settings. Under profile settings there will be a "Manage" feature the arranger can click on to add the Traveler's name. The traveler will then get an email request to add the arranger to their account. Below are screenshots for additional guidance.

How to Add a Traveler

You must be able to arrange travel in Egencia to become someone else's Travel Arranger.

  1. Log in to your Stanford Egencia account with your SUNet ID and password

Select View profile


  1. Click on Arrange and Approve on the left column (2)
  2. Enter the name of the Stanford Traveler you wish to arrange travel (3)
How To Add a Traveler 2

How To Add a Traveler Email 3
Last Updated: Oct 28, 2022


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