The ability to run Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) financial reports is controlled by grants given in Authority Manager, which has a number of choices to be made about type of privilege, organizational scope and data limits.

  • You must have the specific authority you are granting and it must be checked Grantable.
  • You need the SUNet ID of the person to be granted the authority. You can also search my person’s name and additional information displayed may be sufficient to pick the correct person.
  • You need to understand the authority model of OBI so that you can make choices about the privilege, limits and scope of what you want to grant. Refer to Resource: OBI Financial Reporting Authority Model for more information.
  1. Go to
  2. Enter your SUNet ID and password if prompted
  3. Select Grant Authority link in the Manage Authority section of the Home page
  1. Enter a SUNet ID or a name
  2. Select Search 
  3. Select the employee's name from the search results; refine the search as needed to find the correct person
  1. Select the Financial Reporting business function under Enterprise Reporting

Select the privilege with the capabilities you want to assign. To grant authority for OBI Financial Reporting based on organization, principal owner, award type, award, project or project-task pair, assign one of the privileges included in the table below:

Privilege Capability
Report Viewer
  • View static or interactive reports delivered via OBI report catalogs and dashboards
  • Perform analysis through interactive reports using drill-down and drill-across functionality
Intermediate Ad Hoc User
  • Create analyses for yourself (non-publishers)
  • Share analyses with other ad hoc users
  • Share analyses with information views (non ad hoc users) via export to Excel, PDF or PPT

Advanced Ad Hoc User privilege is currently reserved for the central OBI Financial Reporting team. 

  1. Enter an Org Name or 4-character Org Code in the Search field
  2. Select Search, or scroll down and select the Org Name from the displayed list
  1. Select limits for PTA or principle owner scope
Options include: Next Step
Selecting All projects and awards for an organization Proceed to Step 6b

Selecting Specific projects for an organization

Note: Projects can only be granted at the scope of the project owning org and not at parent org levels.

Specify projects and tasks before proceeding to Step 6b

Selecting Specific awards for an organization

Note: Awards can only be granted at the scope of the award owning org and not at parent org levels.

Specify awards before proceeding to Step 6b

Selecting A specific principal owner

Note: The grantee will be able to see all accounts owned by the principal owner regardless of the organization scope specified in Step 5.

Select a principal owner before proceeding to Step 6b
  1. Select one or more data access limits
Data Access Description

Salary Data

Note: Timecard Data and Basic Data limits are inherited.

  • Earnings information ($$)
  • Vacation liability ($$)
  • Everything from Timecard Data
  • Everything from Basic Data

Timecard Data

Note: Basic Data limits are inherited.

  • Hours paid and worked
  • Timecard approval
  • Everything from Basic Data
Basic Data
  • Labor schedules
  • Leave accrual and balance
  • Expense Requests and SU Credit Card transaction detail and amount
  • Employee details
  • PTA details
  • Approval workflow information

If you need to give somebody a grantable privilege, please make sure you choose each data access individually. Since grantable privilege is not inherited; for example, an user with grantable privilege of salary data will only be able to grant others with salary data. They will not be able to grant someone with, for example, Basic or Timecard data privilege. Therefore, a grantor will only be able to grant others the data access which they have been granted with grantable privilege.

  1. Select one or more subject area limits:
Subject Area Description
Payroll and Labor Management (PLM)
  • Payroll and labor adjustments, labor schedules, labor schedule vs. actual, timecard and leave balances
Funds and Expenditures
  • Expense Requests system transaction details and Stanford credit card transaction details
  • Consolidated expenditures (budget, actuals and commitments; iJournals)
  • Procure to Pay transaction detail reporting (e.g., purchase requisitions, purchase orders and invoice payments)
  • Beginning fund balance, activity (e.g., receipts, transfers, expenses) and fund balance reporting
  1. Enter an Expiration date if appropriate
    By default, Privilege expires on the day of termination.
  2. Select whether the person cannot or can or can only grant the privilege to others
  3. Select Finish
  4. Select links to grant additional privileges, or select Close
What Happens Next?
  • Reporting authority for OBI will be enabled after all prerequisites have been recorded as complete in STARS.
  • Every night, new authority assignments and changes to existing assignments are sent to OBI.
  • Reminder emails will be sent to the employee until the Confidentiality Agreement pre-requisite has been met.
  • If prerequisites are not cleared within 300 days the authority will become stuck and will need to be revoked and regranted to allow access once prerequisites are cleared.


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