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Approve, Request More Info or Reject an Expense Report, Advance, Digital Payment or Non-PO Payment

This page provides instructions for reviewing, approving, requesting more information, or rejecting transactions created in the Expense Requests System (i.e., Expense Reports, Advances, Digital Payments and Non-PO Payments).

Approve, Request More Info or Reject an Expense Report, Advance, or Non-PO Payment

Notifications are sent to designated approvers alerting them that a transaction requires review and approval. You will need a SUNet ID and password and have Requisition Approval authority granted in Authority Manager. Refer to Topic Overview: Financial Transaction Approval.

Follow Proper Use of Funds guidance and utilize the Expenditure Transaction Approval Checklist to ensure compliance with university policies.

  1. Enter in the browser
  2. Select Login
  3. As prompted, log in using SUNet ID and password

  1. Select the link in the Subject column from the Worklist
  2. Review Messages for reminders to approvers to look closely at specific lines with unusually high costs. Explanation of cost should be provided by the preparer in Remarks for the line.
  3. Select Full View link to review transaction details
    • Select the paper clip icon to view line attachments
    • Select the Details icon to view details for the line
  4. Review attached receipts and other backup documentation
    • Select Attached receipts link in the Notification, or select the Attach/View Receipts button in the Full View to open the Attachments window
    • Scroll to the bottom if necessary to locate the View Attachments section
    • Select the file name in View Attachments to open the attachment.Attachments for a specific line display the line information in the "For Transaction Line(s)" column. Attachments for the whole transaction display N/A for both the Expense Source and the For Transaction Line(s) columns. If a receipt is not attached directly to a line, look for it in a transaction attachment.
    • Examine receipts, backup documents and transaction details
  5. Confirm that:
    • Expenditures are reasonable, necessary and comply with all relevant university policies (Refer to Topic Overview: Business and Travel Expense Policies)
    • Expenditures are correct, allowable for the account, allocable and properly coded
    • Expenditures are appropriately documented and recorded in a consistent manner
    • Funds are available in the account
  6. Select Back to Submit/View Receipts Page link to go back to the View Attachments page
  7. Close the Attachments window and the Full View window and return to the notification


Select Approve on the notification to approve the transaction

Request More Info

If a better explanation is needed from the preparer, or if a receipt or document is missing, send a request directly to the preparer before deciding to approve or reject.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the notification
  2. Enter a Note to the preparer that describes exactly what information or attachment is needed
    • Refer to the expense lines in question by expense type and line number
    • Be as specific as possible about the information or attachment needed
  3. Select Request More Info
    • The preparer will then receive a notification containing the request for more information to which they can reply directly.
  1. If the transaction must be rejected, scroll to the bottom of the notification
  2. Select one or more Rejection reason(s)
  3. Enter Notes to further explain the reason for the rejection and what must be done for approval 
    In Notes, refer to expense lines using the Expense Source (Travel Card, Cash, Per Diem or Mileage) and the line number.
  4. Select the Reject button 
    Select Other as the rejection reason if no other listed reason applies. Be sure to explain in Notes.
What Happens Next?
  • If rejected, the preparer of the transaction will receive a notification, including the rejecting approver's note. The preparer can then address the reason for rejection and resubmit the transaction for approval.
  • If approved, the transaction is routed to the next approver on the approver routing list
  • After approval, the transaction will be paid
  • Retain hard copy receipts until the receipts have been verified as uploaded successfully and until confirmed payment processing is complete. Refer to Administrative Guide Policy 3.1.5: Retention of Financial Records.
Last Updated: Jan 12, 2024