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Approve or Reject a Purchase Requisition

This page provides instructions for reviewing, approving or rejecting purchase requisitions created in iProcurement (i.e., Amazon Business, SmartMart Catalog Suppliers or Non-catalog Requests).

Approve or Reject a Purchase Requisition

Notifications are sent to designated approvers alerting them that a transaction requires review and approval. You will need a SUNet ID and password and have Requisition Approval authority granted in Authority Manager. Refer to Topic Overview: Financial Transaction Approval.

Follow Proper Use of Funds guidance and utilize the Expenditure Transaction Approval Checklist to ensure compliance with university policies.

From Browser (Recommended)
  1. Log in to Oracle Financials
  2. Select SU Workflow Notifications in the left box in the Navigator
  3. Select Workflow Notifications
  4. Select the Notifications link in the right box in the Navigator
From Email Notification

The email notification contains a link to the Notifications Worklist.

  1. Select View Requisition details in Related Applications to see specific details and attachments about the requisition (you must be logged into Oracle to use this link)
  2. Select Login from the Oracle Home Page
  3. Select Worklist
  4. Select the Requisition from your Worklist
  5. Select Please click here to respond in the Related Applications section to open the requisition in Workflow Notifications

Approvers review the requisition to ensure:

  • Expenditure is reasonable, necessary and complies with all university policies
  • Charges are correct, allowable for the account, allocable and properly coded
  • Charges are appropriately documented and are recorded in a consistent manner 
  • Funds are available in the account being charged

  1. Review description for clarity and completeness
  2. Review the PTA and amount
  3. Select the attachment(s) and review the documents

NOTE: All financial approvers in the approver routing list (not including FYI Viewers) will see a Sourcing ID field (see screenshot below) that indicates the type of supplier sourcing selection (e.g., competitive bid, single source justification or sole source justification). This applies to:

  • Purchase requisitions $50,000 or greater
  • Change order requisitions that increase the original purchase order to $50K or greater 

The Sourcing ID provides approvers with greater visibility into how the supplier was selected to assist with a thorough review and assessment before financial approval occurs.

  1. Select Approve if the requisition is correct, or
  2. Enter an explanation in the Note box at the bottom of the notification and select Reject to return the requisition to the originator

Selecting Approve or Reject returns the screen to the Notifications Worklist.

What Happens Next?
  • If the requisition is approved, the next step is dependent on the order type:
    • Amazon Business or SmartMart Requisition – The order is immediately placed with the supplier.
    • Standard Requisition:
      • If under $50,000 and the purchase does not require a contract, Oracle assigns a purchase order number and automatically transmits the order to the supplier. The preparer receives an FYI notification that the order has been placed.
      • If $50,000 or more, or if Standard Consultant is the selected Requisition Request Type (regardless of the dollar amount), the approved requisition is routed to Procurement for processing.
  • If the requisition is rejected, it is routed back to the preparer for correction. Dependent on the rejection reason, the preparer can:
Last Updated: May 3, 2024


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