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  • Airfareopen_in_new

    Clarified that fare comparison is required if the airfare will be charged to a sponsored award, booked outside Stanford Travel
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  • Lodgingopen_in_new

    Added Cambridge, MA as an exception city.
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  • Travel Mealsopen_in_new

    Renamed "Choosing a Payment or Reimbursement Method," clarified per diem vs. daily max methods, visitor travel payment info.
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  • Airfareopen_in_new

    Updated "Most Direct Route" subsection of "General Policy" with clarification about choosing an airport.
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  • Stanford Travel Newsletter: Spring 2023open_in_new

    Topics include: Get Flexibility and Perks with Stanford Travel, Prepare for Summer Travel, Easily Access Key Travel Through Fingate Systems Button, Coming Soon: New Egencia Guest Booking Process, New Stanford Travel Promotions in 2023, In Case You Missed It resources, and other resources.
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  • Business Mealsopen_in_new

    Updated meal maximums as of May 1, 2023; in Receipts and Documentation section, clarified how to list attendees.
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