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This overview describes several methods that can be used to research project-task-award (PTA) details. Prior to charging expenses to an account (PTA), transaction preparers and approvers should verify that the charges are appropriate for the account. Refer to Policy: Proper Use of Funds for more information.

The Fund Title Query tool can be used to look up a fund (equivalent to the award component of the PTA) to determine if it is appropriate to use for a specific transaction. The Fund Title Query provides information about the fund, including the fund purpose and the project tasks linked to the fund (award), and a variety of attributes. The Fund Title Query will not display fund purpose for sponsored projects. To review fund purposes for sponsored projects, refer to the award document.

You can access the Fund Title Query tool from Oracle Financials in the SU Inquiry Tools and Forms folder. For details, refer to Fund Title Query Tool.

Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) is the primary reporting tool for Oracle Financial systems data. OBI provides numerous reporting dashboards including the Reference Data and Inquiry dashboard.

The table below highlights three reports included in the OBI Reference Data and Inquiry Dashboard that can help you research PTA details.

Report Report Details & Common Business Questions
PTA Inquiry

Report Details:

  • Project, task and award attributes (e.g., award owner and manager, start and end dates, sponsored project office (SPO) numbers, and funded amount)

Common Business Questions:

  • What are the active PTAs owned by my organization?
  • Which PTAs should I use when coding expenditure and revenue?
Award Configuration Report

Report Details:

  • Award setup values, award attributes, funding installments, award budget and project funding information 

Common Business Questions:

  • What are the award's funded amount, funding source, terms and conditions, and award personnel?
Fund Authorization Report

Report Details:

  • Additional award setup information, including complete fund authorization details 

Common Business Questions:

  • What is the fund authorization and award purpose?
  • What expenditures can I allocate to the fund/award?

For more report details, see OBI Reference Data and Inquiry Dashboard.

For information about OBI, see OBI Financial Reporting.

Last Updated: Aug 1, 2023