Step-by-step instructions for searching for a scheduled or completed PTA Maintenance request.

Gather as many attributes known for the PTA to narrow search results. Refer to Project, Task and Award Attributes Job Aid for more information.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your SUNet ID and password
  3. Select SU PTA Maintenance or SU PTA Maintenance (Limited) depending on your authority level
  4. Select Launch PTA Maintenance Application
  1. Select Transaction Search tab
  2. Enter attributes and transaction information to search Enter enough information to effectively narrow search results.
  3. Select Search
    A maximum of 15 rows of returned records displays at a time. Select Next or select from a specific range of rows to display more results.
  1. Select an update's Transaction ID link to open a read-only copy of the update's Summary of Attributes Changes information
    Optional:  Select Download to Excel to view the output as an Excel worksheet.
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