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Review and Act on Non-Sponsored PTA Setup Requests

Step-by-step instructions for reviewing and acting on a non-sponsored PTA setup request. Potential actions include approving, returning, reassigning or terminating/canceling.

Review and Act on Non-Sponsored PTA Requests

  • Review the email notification requesting your review. 
  • Record the Transaction ID number.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter SUNet ID and Password
  3. Select SU PTA Manager User

Please maximize your browser window from this step on as some buttons are located at the right of the screen.

From Dashboard
  1. Select Requiring Your Action 
  2. Select Action Item column heading to sort the transactions by action item
  3. Select a Transaction ID number for a transaction with Action Item labeled Review & Approve Account Setup
From Search
  1. Select Transaction Search from the top left menu
  2. Enter attributes from which to search
    • To find transactions ready for your review and approval, select Review & Approve Account Setup from the Action Item / Current Step drop-down list.
    The wildcard feature allows you to type "%" in place of characters you are unsure about. This provides you with possible selections.
  3. Select Assign to Me checkbox
  4. Select Search
  5. Select Transaction ID number link to open the PTA request

View Tab by Tab
  1. Review information on PTA Configuration tab
  2. Select Non-Sponsored Award tab
  3. Review the Award attributes
  4. Select the View icon to the left of the Project under the PT Configuration section to view project details
  5. Select the View icon to view personnel associated with the project
  6. Select the View icon to the left of the Task to view task details
View in a PDF
  1. Select View PTA PDF from the top-right menu
  2. Select Open to view account, project and task information in one document

  1. Select Attachments tab
  2. Select attachment link(s) to review attached documents

  1. Select Approval tab
  2. Review approval routing setup

  1. Select the checkbox next to I approve this request to set up a Financial Account (PTA) in Approval tab
  2. Select Approve
    The request is routed to the next approver in the approval setup or to the fund accountant if you are the last in the approval routing.
Return to Initiator
  1. Enter reasons for returning the request in the Instructions or Comments for the Fund Accountant (optional) field
  2. Select Return to Initiator
    The request is returned to the person submitting the request.
  1. Select Reassign from the top-right menu under Actions
  2. Select a person from the drop-down list
  3. Enter reason(s) for re-designation in Comments box
  4. Select Reassign
    The request is sent to the person you reassigned to be approver. The request will disappear from your PTA Manager Approver Dashboard – Requiring Your Action tab.
Terminate/Cancel Request
  1. Select Terminate/Cancel Request from the top-right menu under Actions
  2. Select OK
  3. Enter reason(s) for request termination or cancellation in Comments box
  4. Select Apply
    The request is terminated or cancelled. The request will disappear from any tabs on the dashboard.
What Happens Next?

Check the Account Setup: In Progress and Completed Requests tabs on the Dashboard for your request status.

Last Updated: Sep 27, 2023


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