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Review and Act on Capital Project PTA Closeout/Cancel Requests

Step-by-step instructions for reviewing and acting on a capital project PTA closeout or cancellation request. Potential actions include approving, reassigning, or returning to the initiator.


Review and Act on Capital Project PTA Closeout/Cancel Requests

  • Review the email notification requesting your review.
  • Record the Transaction ID number.

  1. Enter in the browser
  2. Select Login
  3. As prompted, log in using SUNet ID and Password
  4. Select SU PTA Manager Cap Distributed Approver


Please maximize your browser window from this step on as some buttons are located at the right of the screen.

  1. Select Requiring Your Action
  2. Select Transaction ID number for a transaction with Action Item labeled Approve

  1. Select In-Service Date tab
    1. Review the In-Service Date for all tasks included in the request and verify that the Confirm Flag is set to “Yes”
Image of PTAC In-Service Date tab for approvers
  1. Select Open Purchase/Work Orders tab
    1. Verify that there are no open purchase orders or work orders as indicated by No Data Found message
Image of PTAC Open Purchase/Work Order tab for approvers
  1. Select Financial Results tab
    1. Review financial results for the project in the header section (e.g., Form 1/Funding Agreement Amount, Total GL Funded To Date Total Expenditures To Date, Available GL Funding)
    2. In the GA Funding, Budget, and Expenditures by Task section, review PTD Expenditures (project to date) total and potential Remaining Budget
    3. As needed, review financials included in the GL Funding by Award section
Image of PTAC Financial Results tab for approvers
  1. Select Instructions for Capital Accounting tab
    1. Review Comments (e.g., specific closeout instructions for Capital Accounting)
    2. As needed, review Destination Project Number and Destination Award Number for return of any unused funding
    3. As needed, review attached Approved Exception to Funding Guidelines file
    4. If cancellation request, review where expenditures will be reclassified (e.g., the capital project being canceled or another project)  
Image of PTAC Instructions for Capital Accounting tab for approvers
  1. Select Attachments tab
    1. Review attached files, if any
    2. As needed, select Add Attachment to browse and attach additional files
Image of PTAC Attachments tab for approvers

  1. Select Workflow tab
  2. Enter Optional Comments
  3. To approve the request, select Complete
  4. To reassign the transaction to a different approver, select Reassign under Actions
  5. To return the transaction to the requester, select Return to Initiator under Actions
Image of PTAC Workflow tab for approvers
What Happens Next?
  • Review other Closeout/Cancel PTA requests assigned to you which are included in Requiring Your Action.


Last Updated: Oct 6, 2023


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