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Cancel a Scheduled PTA Attribute Update

Step-by-step instructions for canceling a scheduled PTA attribute update before the transaction has been completed.

Cancel a Scheduled PTA Attribute Update

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your SUNet ID and password
  3. Select SU PTA Maintenance or SU PTA Maintenance (Limited) depending on your authority level
  4. Select Launch PTA Maintenance Application

  1. Select Scheduled Updates tab
  2. Select the update(s) to cancel by selecting its Select Displayed Records checkbox
    • Selecting the Select All Records checkbox at the top of the screen allows you to cancel all scheduled updates at once.
    • Selecting header title links allows you to sort by that specific column.
  3. Type a reason for the cancellation(s) in the Cancellation Comments text field
  4. Select Cancel Scheduled Changes
  5. Select Yes on confirmation pop-up note or select No to disregard the cancelation(s) and return to the Scheduled  Attribute Changes page
What Happens Next?
  • Oracle sends an email notification to the individual who initially scheduled the attribute update(s) and any FYI contacts that they identified.
  • To make changes to a completed PTA setup, refer to How-to instructions for updating PTA Attributes.
Last Updated: Sep 10, 2020


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