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Request New Expenditure Type or Object Code

Department personnel use this form to request setup for a new expenditure type or object code.

The COA committee will review and approve the request. It may take up to two weeks before the approved expenditure codes / objects are available for use in Oracle Financials. Your request must be received by the 1st to be reviewed by the 15th of each month. Submissions made between August 1 and October 31 will be reviewed by November 15th, when the COA committee meets and evaluates the request. View the monthly summary of new expenditure types and object codes, and changes to existing expenditure types and object codes.

Please contact Systems and Reporting Operations immediately if you submit the request by the 15th AND you do not hear from Systems and Reporting Operations or FAIR by the end of the same month (except for submission made during August 1 and October 31. See year-end close temporary freeze).

To request changes to the attributes of an existing Expenditure Type or Object Code, fill out the Request to Change Existing Expenditure Type or Object Code Form.

Request Information

Requester is the person completing this form.
Request Timing Constraint?

Expenditure Type / Object Code Information

Prior to requesting a new Expenditure Type or Object Code, please review the Object Code Listing, or the Object Codes: 46XXX Revenue Definitions to ensure a code is not available to meet your needs.
Select the type of new code you are requesting
For Balance Sheet Object Code Request Only
Object Code owner and his/her department/organization name.
For Expenditure Type Request Only
Do you expect to use the new Expenditure Type on sponsored projects?
Is this a Salary Code?
Should this Expenditure Type or Object Code be available for payment activities
Expense Requests
Specify which iJournals responsibilities should be granted access to this Expenditure Type of Object Code
iJournals Public
iJournals Specialist
iJournals Central
Last Updated: Aug 25, 2020


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